Tour-biletter selges snart!

Heihei : )

Haha, gleder meg til bilettene kommer ut iallefall.

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MTV First: Justin Bieber #askbieber Question-Answer

Halla : )

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Justin p svensk tv!



Han er s ST!!! ( umotstelig! )

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Intervju med BBC breacfast!

Hey, readers <3

Her har dere Intervjuet med BBC Breakfast.

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HEY :)

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EXTRA Interview p Tribeca Film Festival

Hey : )

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HAHAHAHAH, Lttis nr han gjr derre Borat greia..

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Justin Bieber Q&A with Reggie Yates in London


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Justin Bieber on BBC Breakfast April 30th

Heihei : )

Her er intervjuet :


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Justin snakker om Jerry p 95 -106 Capital Fm Radio!

HEi, hha kunne ikke annet enn le n!

Justin synes vi er perverse <3 :p

- Morsom video?

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who am i? - Justin

Heihei : )

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Justin, Capital FM

Heihei : )

// Dave Berry , Justin & Lisa Snowdon

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Justin - What makes a good boyfriend ?

Heihei : )

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Bieber Interview - US Magazine

Heihei : )

First big milestone: You turned 18!
Know what? I?m excited to not have to check in my mom at night. [Laughs] Every time we used to go somewhere, I had to let my mama know. She worries! But now that I?m 18, I don?t necessarily have to. It?s awesome.
Does she still treat you like a kid?
It?s hard for her to let go. We fight sometimes because she babies me a lot. But I know at the end of the day, she?s just being protective.
Another big change. You?ve been living part-time in LA for the past year.
Yeah I miss the seasons. It?s always warm here. The seasons were good back in Canada. I definitely miss Stratford-going back to see my family and friends and stuff. I?ll probably get a house there, ultimately.
At least you get quality time with Selena. What do you love about her?
Justin? I dunno! She carries herself in a very elegant way. And my family loves her -which is usually hard because my mom?s really picky. My mom wants, you know, a good Christian girl with good manners.
Do you understand girls better now?
Well, every girl is different, so they?re hard to figure out. Like, the way most men work is the same. But each woman works differently. It?s like I can?t figure them out! But I do know girls like you to tell them you love them and that they?re all beautiful all the time. So I do that a lot with any girl I?m with. I tell them that as much as possible.
Most romantic gift you?ve ever given?
I?m not saying to who- but I gave a girl an expensive diamond bracelet recently. It was so pretty, I knew she?d love it!
Would you and Selena ever do a duet?
Yeah. I think she?s very talented. That would be very cool. We have nothing planned- but I?m not opposed to it!
Now about all that marriage talk..
I?m not thinking about marriage yet! It?s too soon. But I definitely want kids- and more than one, because I was an only child for most of my life. I want my kids to have brothers and sisters. But I won?t go huge like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. [Laughs]
Still living with your mom, right?
Yeah- and my tutor stays with us too.
Favourite school subject?
American history. It?s so much more interesting than the history we have in Canada. So much more seems to happen here- all of the wars? I find it fascinating. For least favourite, I hate math. You don?t use it! Seriously, when is the last time you used Algebra? You can use calculators.
What is your bedroom like?
Pretty plain, actually. A 62-inch TV, a white dresser, some cool lamps- that?s about it. But I have like the biggest bed ever! It looks like a spaceship ? pretty modern, curved up on the sides ? with a Tempur-Pedic mattress and white sheets.
Any plans to move out on your own? Your mom would be so bummed.
Well there?s nothing that she can do! But then again, I might not move out until 19 or 20. We?ll figure it out when the day comes.
Meanwhile, you?ve got a new album.
Yeah, it?s exciting. With Believe, I wanted to branch out, reach out all genres and making something that people wouldn?t expect. My last album was my first time, so I didn?t really know what I was doing. This time I got more hands on ? coproducing, learning programming, developing the sound. Hopefully it?s going to be historic!
Speaking of historic, your high school graduation is around the corner!
Maybe I?ll have a ceremony. But Usher thinks that I should celebrate with all my friends, like he did when he finished school. So they?ll probably be a party.
Orket ikke oversette n , s om du ikke forstr det s bruker du bare google translate.
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Noen sprsml fra intervjuet med Seventeen magazinet!


Hva er din favoritt fastfood?

Hva er din vrste uvane?
spise for mye surt godteri! Jeg elsker det bare!

Hva var det siste du kjpte?
Macbook Pro. Jeg elsker den ogs.

Hvem er ditt forbilde?
? Usher er som jeg gr til for veiledning. Fra begynnelsen, fortalte han meg om sette familien frst s vil du alltid lykkes, fordi familien din vil aldri forlate deg. Han fortalte meg alltid holde meg ydmyk og aldri glemme hvor jeg kom fra.

Hvordan vildu skape et bra forhold med dine fans?

?Mange ganger, nr artister blir eldre, mister de sine yngre fans fordi de bare prver f eldre fans. Men hvis du prver lage god musikk, s vil du bare blidgjre alle. Jeg vil bare lage musikk som er bra for alle.

Hva erdin strste frykt?

? miste et familiemedlem ... jeg har aldri mistet noen, s jeg vet ikke hva den flelsen ville gjort med meg. Det ville bare vre skremmende.

Han har ogs uttalt seg om dette til Seventeen:

- Alle jenter er Prinsesser, Serist!

- Jeg fler jeg ahr et ansvar for bli s stor jeg bare kan. Hvis jeg lager drlig musikk, forventer jeg ikke at noen vil like meg. Folk m ta en sjanse og lytte.

- Det strste problemet er f folk til fle at det faktisk er kult lytte til min musikk, forteller sjarmren til magasinet.

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Justin on Being Famous

Halla : )

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Justin snakker om mte med One Direction og The Wanted

Heihei : )

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Justin snakker p radio disney

Hey : )

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Justin Bieber intervju med ''Seventeen'' Magazine

On his Role Model

''Usher is who I look to for guidance. From the beginning, he told me to put family first and you'll always succeed, because your family will never leave you. He told me to always stay humble and never forget where I came from.''

Growing Up with his Fans

''A lot of times, when artists grow older, they lose their younger fans because they're just trying to get older fans. But if you try to make good music, then you'll just appease everybody. I just want to make music that's good for everybody.''

On his Romantic Dates with Girlfriend, Selena Gomez

''I'm just trying to make her happy, that's all. I think it's important to make all women feel like they're princesses, because every girl is a princess. I'm serious.''

On what scares him the most

''Losing a family member is my biggest fear. I've never lost anyone, so I don't know what the feeling would be. It would just be scary.''

Waste Not, Want Not

''Recently, there were so many things in my rider that went to waste, so I took a lot of things off my rider. Every day we were buying all this stuff and it was just sitting there. I got rid of it, I didn't want to waste all the food.''

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Nytt intervju med HeartFM


S "As long as you love me" er en av hannes favoritter som skal p believe albumet. Og Boyfriend videoen kommer ut ilpet av de to neste ukene.

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Nytt Intervju!


Brittany H: What music are you currently listening to on Spotify/ipod?

Justin : I listen to a lot Frank Ocean, Drake. With making this album I listened to a lot of Michael, he is a huge inspiration for me.

Brittany H: What are your tour plans? Any surprises planned?

Justin: We are hoping to start touring in the fall we?ll see, I love being on tour because that?s when I get to connect with my fans most.

Brittany H: What?s something you wore 3 years ago that you look back now and wonder why you though it was cool?

Justin: Nothing? I?m always Swag!

Brittany H: What is your main goal for this upcoming album Believe?


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Justin on WPCG Radio


Han snakker om boyfriend, nytt hus, punk'd og ny sang "Catching feelings !".


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Justin i telefonen med Kidd Kraddick!


Aww!! han er s st! ♥


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Justin leter etter et nytt hus!

Heia sjer?

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Han kommer sikkert til flytte sammen med Selena :)

Men NO PROBLEM.. Han kan helt sikkert sprre meg , s er han iallefall sikker p hva svaret blir :D

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Justin Bieber Interview on KLUC Radio Las Vegas 98.5

Heisann beliebers !

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Her er det intervjuet der Justin sa han skulle gi 100,000 dollar til den skolen + holde en privat konsert for dem.

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Justin p Sirius radio!


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Justin hos David Letterman - full Interview


Som dere sikkert har ftt med dere, var Justin hos Letterman i gr ( 24,11,11 ) og her har dere hele intervjuet.


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Justin - Radio intervju, Big Boy!


:o han skal ha feest!! haha JEG KOMMEEER!<3

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Nytt intervju i London!

Heisann lesere og andre Beliebers!<3

- 12/11 - 11

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Justin red carpet intervju- Bambi awards 2011

Heisann flotte lesere og andre Beliebers!<3

Her har dere et intervju med Justin p red carpet og de to repportene er gale etter han!

10/11 - 11

Q - tror du de to er JB fans?

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Justin i et nytt fransk intervju, han snakker litt Fransk!

Heisann alle flotte lesere! her et et nytt intervju med Justin og han snakker litt fransk!<3

- Fredag, 11/11-11


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Resten av intervjuet med Mariah!

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Justin i et radio intervju den 8. November!

Hei, <3

Justin fr dubba over dette intervjuet, men han snakker jo fransk og forstr jo fransk. P det andre intervjuet vi blogget i ste forstr han jo.

Q - Likte dere det?

- Karoline

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Hei, her er et nytt fransk intervju!

Han skjnner hva hun sier men hvorfor snakker ikke han ogs Fransk?



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Radio intervju med JB for en time siden!

- Karoline

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Nytt intervju ( 2 dager gammelt)


- Karoline, # LOVE JB

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Justin i nytt intervju til Susana Gimenez


her er et nytt intevju fra Argentina!

likte dere den?

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Nytt Inervju med Justin!

hei sann<3

Det er mye fremmed sprk der, men vi forstr jo hva Justin sier;)

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Justin p presse konferanse i Mexico!


Likte du den?

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Nytt intervju med JB&lt;3!

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