Justin is Sorry He Said F*** You to a ''fan''


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When a YouTube video went public in which Justin Bieber appeared to swear at a young woman, some Beliebers were upset but an eyewitness has come forward to Hollywoodlife.com exclusively to explain that the woman was NOT a fan and the situation was not what it seemed.

Justin Bieber, girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin?s mother, Patti Mallette, his dad, Jeremy Bieber, and adorable step siblings, Jazmyn, 3, and Jaxon, 2, took a trip to Disneyland on Valentine?s Day for a relaxing family day and all was going well until a supposed fan filmed and then posted a video in which you could hear Justin telling her to ?f*** off!?

It was shocking because this so didn?t sound like Justin, who is usually so gracious to fans. We knew there had to be more to the story and now an eyewitness tells us that the young woman who posted the video was no fan at all!

?She was following them around for a while and Justin asked her nicely if she could leave them alone and then, she really started to antagonize him. First, she called Justin names and then started saying cruel things about his younger brother and sister,? reports the eyewitness. ?That?s when he lost it! She really upset him.?

That explains why Justin, who normally keeps his cool ? especially with his fans ? lost his temper. And that?s certainly understandable.

Furthermore, another source close to Bieber reveals that Justin ?regrets swearing but he doesn?t regret defending his family.?

?Justin?s a good kid, but he?s not a robot. He?s a tough kid. He actually grew up in the housing projects in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario and he?s a scrapper,? says the source.

?Justin grew up being a boys? boy and a boy not to be messed with. Has father, Jeremy Bieber, is actually a trained mixed martial arts fighter,? (who competed in a UFC-life Muay Thai league), ?and he trained Justin in how to fight,? says the source. ?Justin?s a good guy but he?s not a cookie cutter and his instinct is to defend his family.?

So there you have it Beliebers ? the real inside scoop on what went down in Disneyland!

We agree with Justin ? we regret that he swore but we totally understand that he?s human, he loves his family more than anything and that a ?hater? pushed him so far he felt that he had to defend his family.

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Skjnte han jeg... hadde nok sagt noe av det samme jeg og:/

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