Selena gravid med Justin's barn?

HOLLYWOOD ? Selena Gomez announced that she is pregnant. And Justin Bieber is the father!

As TMZ first reported, Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital on Thursday after taping an appearance on ?The Tonight Show,? complaining of nausea and a severe headache.

Sources tell WNN that Gomez underwent a number of tests for blood pressure issues, but doctors could not determine what was causing the problem.

Until yesterday? when Selena Gomez announced she is pregnant. And she proudly stated that Justin Bieber is the father!

Publicists for Gomez and Bieber are both denying the pregnancy, but WWN talked to insiders in both the Gomez and Bieber camps and they confirmed that Selena is pregnant. They also told WWN that both are ?thrilled? and can?t wait to have the baby.

Here?s a picture of the happy couples from a few months ago, on the night Selena said the baby was conceived:

Here?s a picture of the soon-to-be-parents after they first met:

And here they are frolicking on the beach in March:

Gomez said that the two stars made love after ?eating some lollipops and playing videogames.? Gomez was pleased with Bieber in bed. ?He didn?t mind sleeping with my teddy bears.?

Gomez is expecting the baby sometime in early April.

Hva tror du?

Jeg vet ikke jeg hper s inderlig at det er et rykte!:O

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